Moving On

I've been writing this blog for about three months now and I have to say I have been blown away by the generosity of the readers and my fellow bloggers out there.  Through the nearly 25 trades I've done in that time period I've accumulated more Royals than I ever thought I would.  Consequently, I'm branching out from simply focusing on the Royals to include the team I followed before moving to Kansas, the Seattle Mariners.  Maybe someday one of the teams I'm interested in will be good again.

Here are some of the cards from my trade with Eric S. that are new to me or that I find particular interesting:

Father & Son:

Floyd Bannister DonrussFloyd Bannister Upper Deck 90

Brian Bannister Upper Deck 06 Rookie

Royal Diamond Kings:

Kurt Stillwell Dimond King Kevin Seitzer Diamond King

George Brett:

 George Brett Post  George Brett Stadium

George Brett Topps

Michael Tucker [Former Top Royals Prospect]:

Michael Tucker Top Prospect Michael Tucker Score Select

Michael Tucker Classic

Bo Jackson:

Bo Jackson Upper Deck 90 Bo Jackson Sport Royalty

Bo Jackson Upper Deck 91Bo Jackson Fleer 91

Bo Jackson Topps Magazine

Whitey Herzog:

Whitey Herzog

Random Royals:

Matt Tupman Rookie

Wally Joyner Stadium

Alex Gordon Heroes Tom Gordon Soaring Stars

Sherard Clinkscales Bob Hamelin Rookie

Jose Guillen SP


Dinged Corners said…
All righty then...Mariners we've got. Any particular player? Ichiro? Current Mariners, or whomever has worn the uniform? Sorry to grill you.
Slette said…
You want Mariners too?!? NICE! I'll get a box out to you.
gcrl said…
finally - someone wants the m's. buhner, edgar and the unit rejoice.
madding said…
Wait, what? Sherard Clinkscales? Is that a real guy? And I thought I was pretty familiar with '93 Topps.

I seem to get Ichiro in pretty much every pack/box/whatever that I buy, so we should do a trade sometime.
Patsearcher said…
I am now very upset that Sherard Clinkscales did not have a long and illustrious Major League career. I would certainly have collected his cards for my players with awesome names collection