More Adventures On eBay

A little while ago I wrote about an eBay lot that specializes in only inserts, autos, and numbered cards and my first hand experience with it.  Well, I had a spare $20 so I gave this same lot a second go around and here are the results. 

I purchased four lots which can vary between four and seven and I received 20 cards in total.


A Gretzky and Crosby a casual hockey fan I couldn't be happier. 

Ebay Wayne Gretzky Masterpieces Ebay Sidney Crosby

New to me:

 Ebay Michael Ryan


Ebay Palmer Johnson Ebay Colt Brennan

Ebay Colt Brennan Dwight Lowery Ebay DeSean Jackson\

As a Packer fan and a casual Chiefs fan because of where I live I am really happy with these two. 

  Ebay Brian BrehmEbay Tamba Hali


Who doesn't want more Patrick Ewing cards?

Ebay Ewing Reed

Ebay Jordan Farmar Ebay Mike Conley

If you follow these sort of things, this Rose card is in the Top 10 "hottest cards" in the current Beckett monthly. 

Ebay Derrick Rose

This was my only autographed card in the lot...Ryan was the 21st pick in last year's draft and was a standout player at California.  So far this year he is averaging about seven points per game and four rebounds. 

 Ebay Ryan Anderson


Ebay Ken Griffey American Hero

Ebay Mickey Mantle Ebay Alex Rodriguez

This is from the new Donruss Threads set and as a Molitor and Carew fan it is the perfect combination on one card.

Ebay Rod Carew Paul Molitor

One of the things I'm looking forward to next year's season is to see if Fukudome can turn things around and be as good as the value of his cards say he should be. 

Ebay Fukudome

This card alone makes this purchase worth while.

Ebay Mike Schmidt