Mail Call: A Thank You From Night Owl

I sent Night Owl a ton of 1986 Topps a little while ago and I wasn't expecting anything back in return because those cards were just gathering dust in my closet...but good old N.O. wanted to at least send me something for my postage costs so he sent me this nice little package. Here are some of the cards he sent:

A bunch of Royals stickers from various series:

Who can argue with a nice Thomas Jefferson card? I've got Jefferson at number six on my list of the All-Time Greatest Presidents:

Mike had a killer 2008 and ended up finishing fourth in the Rookie of the Year voting even though he only played in 84 games.

I am pretty anxious to see how Luke will do next season...I really enjoy the non-Allen & Ginter minis and I should really start trying to track them down.

A great George Brett that I didn't have...who doesn't enjoy a big mouthful of chewing tobacco now and again?
These three cards were way ahead of curve...they are from something called The Baseball Card Magazine which I do not remember at all. These are from 1989 and are some nice Heritage-esque examples of three great Royals.

Thanks Night Owl!


night owl said…
You bet. Very least that I could do. And I'll have to find some Mariners for you, too.
night owl said…
Oh, and I forgot, Baseball Card Magazine was kind of the precursor to Beckett's magazine. I used to get a subscription during the early '80s. It was published about four times a year, sometimes six. Those cards were inserted every now and then. I figured they're at least something interesting to look at.