Mail Call: GCRL's Box Part 1

GCRL and I have been trading cards back for forth for a little bit now and he dropped a nice little collection of cards on me last week...I'll share his cards over a couple of posts, the first being these great Diamond Kings.

You'll notice in the background of all the Diamond Kings from this year [1989] there is some sort of geometric design...and Ruben Sierra's background is my favorite.

I'm sad to admit I don't know much about Tommy Herr but here's the Cliff Notes version: Tommy is strong hitting 2nd baseman who was a part of the 1982, 1985, and 1987 Cardinals World Series teams. His best season was the 1985 season in which Herr had an outstanding, blow your mind, shocking total of 110 RBIs on ONLY 8 HOMERUNS!

John Smiley ended his career with a respectable 126-103 records...and although I can't find many details about it, he apparently suffered a career-ending injury to his throwing arm while warming up for a game.

When I first started collecting cards [when I was about 8 years old] I thought this Howard Johnson owned these Howard Johnsons.

I absolutely love these "Dick Perez In Action" shots:

GCRL didn't send me this one...I picked this one up recently for 5 cents online :


Anonymous said…
Wait...what? Where did you get the Perez card?
Matt Flaten said…
I picked up the Perez checklist on