Heartbreaking Packs: 1990 Donruss Jumbo

I picked up this little beauty from Three Star Sportscards in Roseville, Minnesota. I like to refer to this set as the Jackson Pollock set because of the hint of abstract expressionism that pokes around the photos.

First off, I pulled what is without a doubt the best puzzle piece of set.

Greg had some pretty solid seasons with the Dodgers in the late 80's before being traded to the Brewers which coincided with the beginning of his stats slide.

Scott Coolbaugh, 1990 Rated Rookie, ended up playing in 167 games in the big leagues. He also played in Japan for the Hanshin Tigers in the late 1990's.

Two posts in a row with a Fred McGriff card. This is from the Grand Slammers [in no way affiliated with Dennys' Grand Slam Breakfast] subset that has 12 cards in it, including such well known players as Kevin Bass, Jeffrey Leonard, Chris James, and Todd Benzinger.

Stat you may not know: Cal holds the record for most seasons with 20+ home runs by a shortstop.

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Captain Canuck said…
by any chance, did you get #135, 151, 155, or 421???
Matt Flaten said…
No I didn't...is that all your missing? I'll check my commons boxes.
dayf said…
You know, I don't think I ever put together a Yaz puzzle. I need to pick up a box now and correct that oversight.