From eBay This Week

These are from a couple of auctions done just before Christmas...

When the art is done right, you can't even tell that Donruss doesn't have a license from
Some more Whitey...
I really like this insert should've been included in Night Owl's list of 2008 inserts...

Who could say no to a Fred McGriff bat card?

It's sad to see a black and white photo for this pants card...the green on those A's jerseys from that era where the greenest green ever.

This one I bought sight this card has a whole lot of tan on it.

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dayf said…
If you're gonna write 'em I'm gonna read 'em. I'm also going to comment on each so you know I'm paying attention.

I love every one of these cards, but my favorite has to be the Robin Roberts. That's a cool idea for an insert set and it ties in with the rookies in the set.
Matt Flaten said…
Thanks for the solidarity, brother.