The Continuing Saga: 1971 Topps

Night Owl was nice enough to send along three '71 Topps from my needs list with the package I mentioned earlier.

This card is a head scratcher as the name is "tom mccraw" but the signature reads "Larry McCraw."

It takes a strong fortitude is give away a nice looking card of your favorite team, even if it is a double.

This one is another great entry into the "What Is Going On In The Background?" subset.

I'm making some nice progress on the set. Here are the latest stats.

Complete Set: 752 cards
162/752 = 21.54%


night owl said…
I'm still laughing from those two videos. (That song is annoying by the way)

On McCraw card, maybe that says "Tommy?"

It was tough giving up the Parker card. But I do have two others.
stusigpi said…
I got that McGraw in a repack circa 1985-86. Still have it.

Word Verification: Court. Hmm, I'm a lawyer and my Wife's name is Courtney, nickname: Court.
Matt Flaten said…
Hey you want to do a link exchange?