Chestnuts Roasting On A Fire Sale Repackage

Fire Sale

15 packs for $9.99...that's .67 a pack...I'll highlight one card per pack because almost all of this is filler:

Pack 1: Topps 2007 Opening Day

I didn't realize that the mascots had cards in the set and I might just have to start tracking these down.

Opening Day 2007 Pack Opening Day 2007 The Bird

Pack 2 & 3: Fleer 2007

2007 Fleer Pack 

A set that was abandoned for Upper Deck are two inserts from the packs...the newest Yankee and...

2007 Fleer Mark Teixeira


Some inappropriate stretching from Albert Pujols. 

2007 Fleer Albert Pujols 

Packs 4 & 5: Topps 2003 Opening Day

Topps 2003 Opening Day Pack 

Topps 2003 Opening Day Barry Bonds 

Ellis' resume: Over 2100 hits, over 350 home runs, over 1200 RBI, and a .291 lifetime average.

Topps 2003 Opening Day Ellis Burks

Pack 6: Topps 2004 Series 2

Topps 2004 Series 2

Somewhere along the line I forgot that Rafael was an Oriole. 

 Topps 2004 Rafael Palmeiro

Pack 7: Topps 2005 Updates & Highlights

I think I am going to get my Biggio collection together...I hadn't seen this card before getting it here.  I love these odd records.

Topps 2005 Updates & Highlights Topps 2006 Updates & Highlights Craig Biggio

Pack 8: Topps 2006 Updates & Highlights

Topps 2006 Updates & Highlights Pack Topps 2006 Updates Chase Utley

Pack 9, 10, & 11: Topps 2007 Series 2

Topps 2007 Series 2

Three packs and I pulled two of the rookies I was looking for!  I included a trading places insert because I really enjoy them and especially when the two photos of the player look nothing alike.

Topps 2007 Josh Hamilton Topps 2007 Alex Gordon

 2007 Topps Updates Trading Places

Pack 12 & 13: Upper Deck 2003 First Pitch

Upper Deck First Pitch Pack

Upper Deck First Pitch CC Sabathia Upper Deck First Pitch Gary Sheffield

Pack 14: Topps 1989

Topps 1989 Pack1989 Topps Gary Carter Record Breaker 

Pack #15 is being saved for a separate post.


Anonymous said…
Nice. At least you managed to find some cheap cards, even if they were a bit on the dull side. I haven't seen baseball packs for less than a buck in ages.