Can This Man Save The Washington Huskies?

As a Washington alum, this year's 0-12 season [technically, we still have one game to lose tomorrow against California] has been pretty brutal to follow and to be honest I'm thankful I wasn't in Seattle watching these games as in past years. The Huskies went with age over experience this in hiring Steve Sarkisian, who is USC's offensive coordinator, as their new coach. I just hope we don't have a repeat coaching performance of another USC offensive coordinator, Lane Kifin.


madding said…
I've been enjoying Washington's time in the cellar, but I'm getting sick of USC going to the Rose Bowl every year.
MMayes said…
I'm a Duke alum, so I can kind of feel your pain. However, you've got the glory days of the 80's with Don James and Warren Moon in the 70's to remember. I think Duke had a good team in the 30's, except for the Steve Spurrier years.

Don't worry, there's always basketball season!