The Blog Bat Around Post That Never Was

So we've had two Blog Bat Arounds and I've let two go by me like a high and outside fastball...the first one I missed because it was one of those weeks where work was crazy and I didn't really catch on to what was going down before it as too late.

I didn't write a 2nd Blog Bat Around column because I didn't really connect with the topic that was chosen. It's not that I didn't think it was a good topic, it just that I don't really think my collection has a centerpiece. I guess maybe I should have made that the "centerpiece" of my centerpieces post but I think that my collection is just sort of boring. I've never paid more than $20 for a single card. I've purchased a couple of high end boxes but never pulled that single awesome "centerpiece" card.

I've got a Roger Clemens card that is special to me, not for it's value but because I pretty much destroyed it in my quest to be an organized collector. I have an autographed Twins baseball that I won in an raffle after the Twins won the '87 World Series...but it's not autographed by Kirby Puckett or even Kent Hrbek...instead I got Bert Blyleven , Tim Laudner, and Jim Kaat. It is one of my most cherished things but not really a "centerpiece."

Maybe I'll win my centerpiece in the Prime Cuts box break that I've jointed over over at Sports Cards Uncensored...I'm hoping for the Jackie Robinson card... now that would be a centerpiece.

So basically my collecting experience has been searching for that centerpiece for me. Something to define a collection. I've even added a permanent reminder of that card that I would love to have as the high point of my collection, the Woolly Mammoth card from this year's Allen & Ginter. That card or one of its nine brothers will be my centerpiece someday.