What Can Brown Do For You?

So I've been busy acting like UPS lately

Stats on the Back
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Dinged Corners
Thorzul Will Rule

and so my trade bait supply is getting a little too low...So I decided to take a chance on an eBay lot of a few cards that only includes "game-used, auto's, inserts, # cards, rookies and stars."  The feedback for the seller looked good and the auction ran $3.00 per lot and you get four to seven cards per package...I grabbed three lots and with shipping the total came to $13.00.  In the end I received 12 cards total...so I averaged four cards per lot and about $1.12 per card with shipping figured in. 

Ovechkin Insert Ovechkin Insert Back

So this was one of the 12 cards that was in a top loader so I assume it is a better than average card...but you know what assuming get you...I know next to nothing about hockey cards but who doesn't know who Ovechkin is...

This was followed by an unknown rookie...

  Thomas Plihal 160-999

And three basketball cards...a Kobe insert and two rookies...

Kobe FrontRenaldo Balkman 0221-1750

I really like the Darryl Arthur Refractor from the Treasury Basketball set...If I had money to  burn I would buy a box of that...

Darrell Arthur FrontDarrell Arthur Back

Four football cards...three rookies and...

Dan Connor Rookie FrontDan Connor Rookie Back       

Chris Johnson RookieJonathan Stewart Rookie

by far the best card of the group...an auto Superbowl ticket stub of Jerramy Stevens. When I moved to Seattle, I was an adopted Seahawks fan and so Mr. Stevens holds a special place for Hawks fans as he was the only receiver with a touchdown in Super Bowl XL.  Unfortunately, Stevens legal trouble has outshone his on-the-field accomplishments.

Jeremy Stevens Ticket & Auto

I was hoping for more baseball cards but I only pulled three...I love the Stan Musial Donruss Threads insert and this is the first Sport Royalty Goudey card I've ever had.

 Stan FrontAlbert Goudey

Ken Griffey SPX

Overall, I'm pretty happy.  I've got some new trade bait and an auto card I'm going to keep.  If I found $20 on the street I would do this again.

Does anyone have any clue how I did on the hockey & basketball cards?  Are they $1.00 cards?


Captain Canuck said…
Ovechkin is clearly the class player here... but bottom line, i't a $1 card... the Plihal, well,in 35 games over the past 3 seasons, he's got 3 goals. Too early to tell, but I wouldn't hold your breath
--David said…
Thanks for the heads-up. I need some cards for some upcoming contests etc. Great find!