Watch This Video

If you watch one video today, watch this one of kids playing video games:


Anonymous said…
Are they wearing seatbelts? Because my kids NEVER sit that still when they're playing video games.
Joe S. said…
What's the point? Kids become numb to violence because of video games?

I disagree.

Last I checked, none of my shooter games as a kid came with a real gun. I've never had an urge to purchase a gun. I've never had the desire to shoot anyone (or anything) with a gun. I had responsible parents who taught me the difference between fantasy and reality.

We never had guns in the house.

Now, I'm not saying violent video games have zero impact on impressionable minds. But what's worse; a James Bond video game or an NFL wide receiver dropping a loaded gun in a nightclub and accidentally shooting himself, only to laugh about it?

Gun prohibition will never happen for various reasons, but why not make an effort to teach gun safety?
Matt Flaten said…
I'm not sure what the point is for the documentary but for me it is funny to watch kids play video games...

Doesn't mean anything more to me than that.
Joe S. said…
Matt - perhaps I looked to much into it. I'll say this, though; I was very conscientious about the faces I was making while playing Guitar Hero last night!!!!!