Strike Out Tooth Decay With Dave Winfield!

Andy from the '78 Topps Cards and the just-completed '88 Topps Cards blogs sent me a neat little package letting me know that he is starting projects regarding the 1973 Topps and my personal favorite the 1971 Topps series.

Along with some great cards [which I'll write about shortly] he sent along a Royals baseball toothbrush purchased from Kmart circa 1986. Good old Dave Winfield was the product's spokesman and along with some brushing tips, he also gives us some tips on improving our swing:

"Shift weight to back leg as bat is cocked."

"Take small stride with front leg as bat is swung through the center."

"Let swing rise as weight shifts to front leg and hips open up."

Thanks Andy and I'll send you the few '71 doubles that I have!


Andy said…
Incidentally that came to me from the guy named Timberhill who posts a lot on these blogs.

I hope some of the cards I out in there are helpful for you too and thanks for the shout to 78 Topps.
Timberhill said…
Hey, that's me!

I would like to think that it was actually Dave that also provided the brushing tips. And don't ignore them, he lays a real helpful strategy for keeping your mouth clean and healthy.

Anyways, enjoy!