Now That's How You Sign A Card

A few months ago, Wax Heaven showed us his latest Andrew Miller card which was a Tristar Rising Star card that looked like this:

The title of the post "What Could Have Been" gives you all you need to know...well I tracked down the Brian Bannister version of the card and let's just say, this is how you sign a card!


Wax Heaven said…
Damn, I feel like less of a collector now! :)
zman40 said…
That Miller sig looks as bad as mine. I took a check to the bank once and the teller said the I had to sign it. I told him I did and he thought that I wrote the banks initials on the back.
But every Banny sig looks exactly like that. I got six cards signed by him this past summer and he takes his time and signs everyone to the best of his ability. It make take a little longer than David DeJesus, but it's deffinitely worth the wait in the end.