Opening A Pack Of Topps Moonraker Cards From 1979

Heartbreaking Cards of Staggering Genius is my 2nd attempt at a baseball card blog. My first attempt was a short lived blog called A Pack To Be Named Later...I did a lot of videos and pack openings and it was modeled after A Pack A Day.

I choose that mainly because when APAD asked for new writers earlier this year and I got my blogging resume together and sent it in...and waited....then I thought, why don't I get a sample blog post together and send it in as well? I did that...and waited....and waited...and the end I never heard anything back. So I said, fuck this, I'll do it myself and I started my own blog, A Pack To Be Named Later. The blog never really got past the larvae stages of metamorphosis because I really didn't want to write about packs all the time when I could write about such wonderful things as political cards, horseshoe mustaches, and chrome instead.

So here is that original post that never made it to A Pack A Day:

I hit a card show this afternoon and it was one of the best ones I’ve been to in Seattle…i.e. lots of tables and lots of people milling around. I found some great old non-sports packs on clearance and so we’ll open a couple.

First up, ranking up there with the classic early 90’s Batman and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle movie cards, we have…Moonraker cards! The cards were put out by Topps in 1979 for the 11th James Bond movie. It was Roger Moore’s 4th Bond movie and the film gave us Bond girl Holly Goodhead.

I’m hoping for some good Roger Moore close-ups and at least one Jaws card! Here we go:
Okay, first problem…I was promised a stick of bubble gum but there isn’t one. No gum but there is the promised sticker

Onto the regular cards:
#9: Reporting to M

#5: Thrown from the Plane!
#14: A Collection of Perfection!
#50: Beautiful But Deadly!
#10: Miss Moneypenney

#78: Apprehended!
#83: The Oddest Couple!
#95: The Weightless Peril!
#12: Enter Drax

If I had known this card existed before opening the pack, it would have been at the top of my list of most-wanted pulls. Hugo Drax is Moonraker’s villain and is played by Michael Lonsdale, one of my all-time favorite actors. If you haven’t seen the original The Day of the Jackal you must right now…I’ll wait….Lonsdale also steals the show in Munich.
Last but not least….today’s entry in the uncomfortable ethnic stereotype card of the day:
#22: Evil Assassin Chang

Overall, I am very happy with the pack. I mean, how high could my expectations have been? A great Michael Lonsdale card and “M” card, but no great Jaws cards or Roger Moore.


Holy Shit! Moonraker Cards! I have had 1 single card of that set kickin' around in my collection since the mid 80's. I have no idea where or when I got it. I should really track that gem down.
Steve Gierman said…
Those look pretty awesome! Love the Chang card!
Captain Canuck said…
I love those cards... I have a lot of James Bond cards, but I've never pulled the trigger on these ones.