Night Owl Royals

Here are the Royals highlights from my trade with Night Owl Cards.

Kauffman Stadium a.k.a. "The K"...named after Ewing Kauffman, the founding owner of the Royals.

 Kauffman Stadium

Bring back the holograms!  After watching election night, hologram technology has come so far.  I can only imagine what these cards could be!

Royals Hologram

In this segment, we focus on Royals with the same first and last initial.

 Buddy Bell Bob Boone 

David DeJesusMike MacDougal

Vida & Willie


night owl said…
Hologram cards that project the player pictured on the card onto your wall??? Kind of cool AND creepy. ... Glad you got the cards.
zman40 said…
The bad thing about the Royal's Kauffman card is that it was supposed to be a team shot. Look at the rest of the set. There are no ballpark shots, only team photos. And the worst part about this, we did it two years in a row (i'm pretty suer it was in '05).