My Non-Baseball Cards

Earlier this week I returned to my parent's house for a little visit and I grabbed two boxes of my old cards that I hadn't looked at in years and brought them back to Kansas. One box turned out to be entirely non-baseball in nature which was exciting and shocking as to look at some of the cards I collected through the years. With some of these sets I'm not even really sure of their origin.

These cards are called NFL Huddles and I'm not sure where they came from...They are kids versions of the NFL mascots and I imagine I have a card for every team spread throughout my collection. Does anyone have any idea where these are from?

VikingsRams Dolphins Redskins Seahawks

These are some of the Crunch Crew insert from the 1990 Score Football set. I love the 1960's Batman TV series feel.

Karl Mecklenbrug Slam Lawrence Taylor Whak

Mike Singletary Smash Derrick Thomas Bam

These are the Think About It set from the 1991 Pro Set series which I think is still my favorite football set.

Think About It Study Think About It Steroids

Think About It School's the Ticket Think About It Be the Best

Think About It Don't Pollute Think About It Read & Study

Think About It CrackThink About It AIDS

Here are some random basketball cards...I remember when Skybox first came out...I thought they were so cool.

Chris Morris Kurt Rambis

Xavier McDaniel

Thinking back I don't think I've opened a pack of hockey cards in about 10 years. The main reason I stopped caring about hockey was when my beloved North Stars dropped the "North" and moved to Dallas. But I've been eyeing the O-Pee-Chee hockey cards at Wal-Mart and I might have to take a chance.

My secret hockey shame is that I didn't know that the Hartford Whalers team didn't exist until about a year ago.

Ville Siren Yvon Corriveau
Tom Barrasso

Some random football cards that struck my fancy in one way or another.

Len Dawson's hands on this one scare me a little. Len is the sports guy on one of the local stations out of Kansas City and it's always weird when he is giving the score of high schools sports and I just think that's freakin' Len Dawson.

E.J. Holub

This card should read "Roby Booms It Into Teammate's Face.

Reggie Roby

A smile worthy of Dinged Corners.

Dexter Manley

We need more people named Stump.

Stump Mitchell

For every one Matt Ryan there are 30 Andre Ware's:

Andre Ware

In Packer country, there is a thing called the Infante Era that was filled with sadness and dread before the glorious days of the Mike Holmgren, Reggie White, and you know who.

Lindy Infante

Comic Book Cards:

Zarrko Golden Age Starman

Thor vs Loki

Darkchylde Green Goblin

This card is a Marvel Masterpieces Canvas card and it has the same feel as the Upper Deck Masterpieces cards.

Ghost Rider Canvas

Although I've never really been a DC comics guy, I've always been interested in the Green Lantern:

Larvox AA & Amanita

I love the super villain who's power is that he's smart.


Some random cards from an X-men card game:

Doctor Doom Doctor Doom Back

Hydra Moses Magnum

Juggernaut Blob

Every kid my age had these cards:

Baby Ewok Han Solo

Wicket Checklis

When wrestling was real:

Hulk Hogan Ultimate Warrior

I can't wait for next year's G.I. Joe movie:

Crazy Legs Crazy Legs Back

Gung-Ho Rock & Roll

I can't remember if these Transformer cards came with the Transformers themselves or separately.

Topspin Topspin Back


I don't really remember there being a Dodge Caravan Transformer but I guess there was called Ironhide:


One random Star Trek card...

The Unearthly

The Magic version of pulling a 1990 Topps Kent Hrbek.


Some odd playing cards:

Marconi Play Card Gutenberg Playing Card

After looking at these last cards, can you really wonder why I collect Upper Deck X:

The Joker


And last but not least:

Jaws Front Jaws Back


Billy Suter said…
Oh. My. GOD. I TOTALLY forgot about those Transformers cards! I had a bunch of them growing up. I wish I still had them.
Matt Flaten said…
Do you remember if they came with the Transformers or in packs?