Mail Call: Trade With R.H.C.

Rickey Henderson Collectibles sent me a bunch of Royals and assorted goodies this are some highlights:

These action shots of Bob Hamlin seem to me like they should belong with a 70's set....

Bob Hamelin FleerBob Hamelin Pinnacle

You can't really tell from the scan but the card is cut in the shape of 3,000.

George Brett 3000

Johnny Damon Rookie card?...check.

Johnny Damon Score

One of the most unfortunate haircuts ever captured on film?...check.

Johnny Damon Score Back

This card reminds me of a book I read in 4th grade:

Buddy Biancalana Bunnicula

A Diamond King I didn't have:

Keith Moreland Diamond King

Plus three horseshoes and a handlebar:

Jeffrey Leonard Mustache Joe Carter Mustache

Carney Lansford Mustache

Rollie Fingers Mustache


ManOfSteal said…
Glad you enjoyed the cards! I had a lot of fun plling them, and was surprised at how many Royals I actually had on hand.
Anonymous said… a fan of vampire fiction, it's a must-read! :)