Mail Call: Package From Andy from '78 Cards & '88 Cards

Besides the toothbrush, Andy sent along a bunch of political cards, Royals, and Robin Younts. 

McKinley Goudey Presidents Adams Goudey Presidents

Hayes Goudey Presidents Jackson Goudey Presidents

Lincoln Presidents Taft Goudey Presidents

Mr. Vice President Elect:

Joe Biden Topps

I have some of these but they all look great together...especially the Bo Jackson. 

Alex Gordon Goudey Billy Butler Goudey

Brian Bannister Goudey Hochevar Goudey

Bo Jackson Goudey

Some classic Upper Deck:

Chris Gwynn Upper Deck Hubie Brooks Upper Deck

Kevin McReynolds Upper Deck

Felix Jose Upper Deck

Phil Hiatt Upper Deck

How would you like to be Steve Busby and on one of the few cards you get to be on during your career, you get to share it with Nolan Ryan?

Steve Busby Nolan Ryan

Some classic Robin and the new Goudey:

Robin Yount Fleer 89 Robin Yount Upper Deck 91

Robin yount Upper Deck 92 Robin Yount Goudey