Mail Call: Jason from Eau Claire Part 3

I was surprised to find two "through the mail" autographs in the package from Jason of Eau Claire...I'm not sure of the origin of these cards but they are the first two "through the mail" Royals.

One is of Marty Pattin who pitched for the Royals in the last seven of his 13-year career. His best overall season was in 1972 pitching with the Boston Red Sox in which he went 17-13 . His best Kansas City year was in 1977 when Pattin went 10-3.

The other is of Carlos Febles who on-card signature is very different from the 2nd blue-ink auto. Febles played his entire six season career with the Royals and spent most of his time at 2nd base.


zman40 said…
While I, too, question signatures that look completely different than the signature on the card, that looks like an actual Carlos Febles signature. I got a couple of cards signed by him in Lancaster, CA this past season, and that is how he signs.

Thanks for the help with the want list.