Heartbreaking Packs: Possibly My Best Hit Ever

Stadium Club Pack Front

I couldn't say no to two more packs of Stadium Club and thank goodness I couldn't because as the blog title states I got possibly my best hit ever out of the packs.

Pack #1:

#142 Greg Smith [Rookie]
#23 Tom Glavine

 Greg Smith Stadium Tom Glavin Stadium

#109 Garrett Mock [Rookie]

 Garrett Mock Stadium

#13 Alex "Heart of a Poet" Rodriguez

Alex Rodgriguez Stadium 

#138 Justin Masterson [Rookie 1st Day Issue]

Justin Masterson Stadium [1st Day Issue]

Pack #2:

#108 Even Longoria [Rookie 1st Day Issue]

Even Longoria Stadium [1st Day]

#5 Russ Martin
#136 Jay Bruce [Rookie]

Russ Martin Stadium Jay Bruce Stadium

#34 Brian Roberts

By far the best photo from this set I've seen thus far.  It's a shame they couldn't include the catcher's head in the shot though.

Brian Roberts Stadium

BTA--JH Josh Hamilton Autograph

Josh Hamilton Auto Front Josh Hamilton Auto Back

What can I say...I've pulled my share of autographs but never of a star player and such a beautiful card.  I love this stained glass design


Nachos Grande said…
Nice pull for sure! I've seen a bunch of posts on these cards...I might have to try and hunt some down myself!
gcrl said…
i like the arod card with the monster scoreboard in the background.
the russell martin picture is the same one they used for topps chrome. but, i'll send you some horseshoe mustaches, hoyt wilhelm and diamond kings for it...
Joe S. said…
Thats a sweet pack!! Cool photos on the base cards, too. For some reason I've always loved cards of guys signing autographs (the Longoria, in this case).

Anyway, I got my prize today (Joe at Darryl Strawberry Fields, here)... thanks! Sweet auto and a nice game used of Giambi - love it.

I am in the process of sorting through a massive collection but would definitely love to return the generosity. Just give me some time! I'm still new to the baseball card blogosphere...

Royals are being sorted (went to their spring training this past season, coincidentally) and I also like Gaylord Perry. Cool side note on him: went to a card show with my dad many years ago now, and Perry was signing. In addition to the ball or whatever it was that my dad paid to have signed, Perry was signing cards on the spot for all the kids. Very cool memory...
Matt Flaten said…
Hi gcrl,

I've set aside the Martin for you. I'll send it to you when I get some more Dodgers.
Matt Flaten said…
Hi Joe,

I'm glad the cards made to to you safely. I won't ever say no to cards so feel free to send whatever you feel like.
jv said…
really, really nice! good job!
Anonymous said…
I'm not to familiar with the Stadium Club cards but I love the Josh Hamilton. I'm a sucker for bright colors and that card certainly fits the bill.