November 20, 2008

Heartbreaking Packs: Possibly My Best Hit Ever

Stadium Club Pack Front

I couldn't say no to two more packs of Stadium Club and thank goodness I couldn't because as the blog title states I got possibly my best hit ever out of the packs.

Pack #1:

#142 Greg Smith [Rookie]
#23 Tom Glavine

 Greg Smith Stadium Tom Glavin Stadium

#109 Garrett Mock [Rookie]

 Garrett Mock Stadium

#13 Alex "Heart of a Poet" Rodriguez

Alex Rodgriguez Stadium 

#138 Justin Masterson [Rookie 1st Day Issue]

Justin Masterson Stadium [1st Day Issue]

Pack #2:

#108 Even Longoria [Rookie 1st Day Issue]

Even Longoria Stadium [1st Day]

#5 Russ Martin
#136 Jay Bruce [Rookie]

Russ Martin Stadium Jay Bruce Stadium

#34 Brian Roberts

By far the best photo from this set I've seen thus far.  It's a shame they couldn't include the catcher's head in the shot though.

Brian Roberts Stadium

BTA--JH Josh Hamilton Autograph

Josh Hamilton Auto Front Josh Hamilton Auto Back

What can I say...I've pulled my share of autographs but never of a star player and such a beautiful card.  I love this stained glass design

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