Heartbreaking Packs: 1999 Bowman

I went down to the Baseball Card Time Machine a.k.a. The Sports Dome here in Lawrence and bought some 1999 Bowman for $1.99 a pack...The pack screams that I get one Bowman International card in each pack and the chance for Kerry Wood, Ben Grieve, and Ruben Mateo autographs. Oh Boy! Oh Boy! Oh Boy!

But the really great thing about this pack is the $125 Guarantee included in this set.

Included with the checklist is a certificate that says that in three years [between August 31st, 2002 and December 31st, 2002] I could exchange my complete set of 1999 Bowman for $125. Can you believe that!?! This reminds me of the pudding coupons scam in Punch-Drunk Love. If only I could go back in time and hoard these cards I could have made a nice little nest egg.

I didn't get anything major in my five packs...here are the stars I pulled:

And my rookie highlights:

The one Royal I pulled was Jeremy Giambi, Jason's brother.

The one Bowman International card of note is this Mariano Rivera.

I think this will be a one time experiment...I'm not a big fan of the design and looking back there aren't too many cards in this set that I really I am looking for.


Slette said…
That Rivera card is awesome.