Heartbreaking Pack: 2008 Topps Stadium Club

What better way to get things back on track on the old card blog than by opening a pack of the product that will lift Topps to the head of the card collecting world again...I am of course talking about Stadium Club. It's going to be awesome, right? It's going to be 1989 all over again, right? Well, maybe not...

First, we have Ryan Howard looking like he is taking lessons on how to gain 10 pounds eating a vegetarian diet from Prince Fielder...

#19 Jason Bay

I know they couldn't really do it realistically but it is a little weird to have these cards without '08 season stats...they should at least do the stats through the All-Star break.

#2 Tim Lincecum

They sort of try the updated stat thing by mentioning that "The Freak" had nine wins by July 2008.

#107 Clayton Kershaw

My guaranteed "One Rookie Card Inside." In building my Allen & Ginter set I pulled two black border minis of Clayton...

#10 CC Sabathia

Not a particularly great photo of CC...from reading the back I learn that CC is a little less than a year younger than me...I wonder how much I would go for in a bidding war?

#96 Babe Ruth [1st Day Issue]

This is my favorite of the five cards...It has that nifty little stamp that says the card was made on the first day of production...like post office stamps I guess.

One last thing, after writing this post, I will help all my good Canadian readers with the math equation Topps makes you answer to enter their No Purchase Necessary contest...Please, hold your applause..Here we go:

(10 x 2) + 5 - 10 = ?
20 - 5 =?
? = 15


jv said…
I bought a blaster of this stuff and didn't get the one card I wanted.

You bought a pack and pulled it....lol.

If you ever wanna trade the Ruth, let me know. I love that card!! (I just won't be able to let the 5 year old Ruth fan in the house know I have it...haha...I want that one for myself)
night owl said…
2 black bordered Kershaw minis! I'm going to have to take one of those off your hands.
Anonymous said…
That's a sweet looking Kershaw card! I can't wait until SC shows up here.
dayf said…
I can't find this stuff anywhere. I'm getting discouraged.
Matt Flaten said…
Wow, Connor sure has good taste...I like the Ruth card but I don't love it so I'll set it aside for you guys, no problem.
Matt Flaten said…
night owl,

I may have traded them both but I will take a look and set one aside if I've still got them.