Heartbreaking Pack: 2003 Topps Series 1 Jumbo

We have a sports store in downtown Lawrence called The Sports Dome that sells shirts, hats, posters,...and in one back counter, baseball cards. They have a few 2008 products but a lot of their stuff is dust covered packs that they never quite sold the whole box of. Today I bought one of these packs a jumbo hobby pack of 2003 Topps Series 1 for $5.

2003 Topps Series 1
I've never opened a pack of this stuff and frankly I can't picture what the cards look like in my mind. Examining the price guide information on this set, there aren't any big important cards to emerge...yet, I guess I should say. Highlights include a Cole Hamels Draft Pick card, Kevin Youkilis Rookie, and Chris Duncan Rookie. Interestingly, Beckett says there is no card #7 to the set...this must be before Topps went into the tank for Mickey Mantle.

I get 35 cards in this pack and let's begin:

#266 Alex Gonzalez

Card 1 Alex Gonzalez 
#320 Gonzalo Lopez [1st Year Card]

Card 2 Gonzalo Lopez

#293 Franklin Gutierrez [1st Year Card]

Card 3 Franklin Gutierrez
#290 Jerry Narron

Card 4 Jerry Narron
#297 Wayne Lydon [1st Year Card]

Card 5 Wayne Lydon
#308 Brendan Harris [1st Year Card]

Card 6 Brenan Harris
#287 Lou Piniella

Card 7 Lou Piniella
#299 Sean Pierce [1st Year Card]

Card 8 Sean Pierce
#321 Walter Young [1st Year Card]

Card 9 Walter Young
#320 Craig Brazell [1st Year Card]

Card 10 Craig Brazell
#311 Kevin Youkilis [1st Year Card]

I really like this pre-facial hair Youkilis. 

Card 11 Kevin Youkillis
#264 Mike Hargrove

Card 12 Mike Hargrove
#294 Adam LaRoche [1st Year Card]

Card 13 Adam LaRoche
#303 Bernie Castro [1st Year Card]

Card 14 Bernie Castro
#313 C.J. Wilson [1st Year Card]

Card 15 C.J. Wilson
#303 Bernie Castro [1st Year Card] Black Border 37/52

Card 16 Bernie Castro Black Card 16 Bernie Castro Black Back
The Barry Bonds or Derek Jeter version of the black cards are listed at $50.00 cards.

Jeff Bagwell Fly Out Insert

Card 17 Jeff Bagwell Insert Card 17 Jeff Bagwell Insert Back

#347 2002 NL ERA Leaders

Card 18 NL ERA Leaders
#336 Season Highlights [Derek Lowe No-Hitter]

Card 19 Derek Lowe No-Hitter
#362 Garret Anderson [Sporting News All-Stars]

Card 20 Garret Anderson
#28 Edgardo Alfonzo

Card 21 Edgardo Alfonzo
#112 Jacque Jones

Card 22 Jacque Jones
#219 Kevin Milwood

Card 23 Kevin Milwood
#70 Austin Kearns [All-Star Rookie]

Card 24 Austin Kearns
#92 Jeffrey Hammonds

Card 25 Jeffrey Hammonds
#238 Denny Hocking

Card 26 Denny Hocking
#110 Shawn Green

Card 27 Shawn Green
#251 Craig Biggio

Card 28 Craig Biggio
#210 Roy Oswalt

Card 29 Roy Oswalt
#133 Corey Patterson

Card 30 Corey Patterson
#90 Alfonso Soriano

This is the best photo in my opinion...I had sort of forgotten that Soriano was a Yankee to begin with.

Card 31 Alfonso Soriano
#24 Odalis Perez

Card 32 Odalis Perez
#151 Al Leiter

Card 33 Al Leiter
#200 Albert Pujols

Wow, both the Youkilis rookie and the Pujols base card in the same pack...

Card 34 Albert Pujols Card 34 Albert Pujols Back
#42 Danny Bautista

Card 35 Danny Bautista

This set seems to have the same problem that the 1971 set does...the blue border chips really easily and any bump or bruise shows up.


Captain Canuck said…
zman40 said…
That's a pretty good pack. Maybe I should stop by there on the way back from KC next year.
Matt Flaten said…
They have a bunch of way overpriced singles but they are pretty much my only outlet for supplies short of driving to KC.