Heartbreaking Mail: FanofReds Is The Leader Of The World Leaders Insert Set

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Who can say "This was the best trade of my life?"...I mean I once traded my Dwight Gooden Rookie Card for Wolverine #2...at the time [around 1990] I wasn't sure how it was going to turn out but I wanted that comic so badly I could take a chance. In terms of pure value today that is probably my best trade ever. 


Dwight Gooden Rookie Wolverine 2


But in terms of how much I love the cards I'm receiving this trade was pretty great.  Today's trade with FanofReds went something like this...some Heritage and Allen & Ginter minis for quite a few of the Allen & Ginter World Leaders mini set...You have no idea how happy I am with what I received.  Take a look:


Belgium Brazil


Chilie Dominican Republic


Egypt France

Germany Greece

India Indonesia

Israel Japan

Oman Russia

 Spain Sweden

Switzerland Tanzania

Tibet Trinidad & Tobago


Thank you so much Chris and when I come upon some Barry Larkin autos or Reds in the future they are yours!