Gas Station Cards

While I was traveling last week and I came upon a little display of cards at gas station and when I say "little", I mean it...a few repackaged packs and some Topps baseball and football '08 wax. What caught my eye was a repackage with a Diamond King of Ichiro on the front that I didn't have. But taking a look at the pack I saw a couple of problems.

First up the package says "2 packs" but there was only one...The gas station must have separated the two plastic packs to double their profit.

Secondly, the pack is stapled shut rather than sealed. Talk about pack searching! But when you have an addiction you have trouble saying "no" so I plopped down by $3.99 plus tax and took a chance.

In the end I was not disappointed and it was probably the best repackage that I've opened like this:

First up, the obvious Diamond King:

A Wade Boggs '84 Team, nice...It's already exceeded my expectations for the pack:

Another Wade that I'm pretty sure I don't have:

Three straight Hall of Famers [or future H of F-ers]:

I was reading up on Tim's stats and there was a case made that he was the best player ever to never play in an All-Star game.

An '83 Topps Steve Carlton/Jack Morris card...I'm a casual Carlton collector...I pick one up whenever I find one but I don't search them out.:

A Rocco Baldelli insert:

Another great card...a lovely Robin Yount:

A Royal I don't have:

Another future Hall of Famer in probably the best card I've ever seen of of these days I'm going to have to get my favorite cards all together in one post...This one may sneak in a #10.

Pluse a few more cards that I don't have much to say about: