November 9, 2008

The Continuing Saga: 1971 Topps

Four more for the collection from fellow '71 maniac Night Owl:

This Fregosi card is a beauty...I often wonder if anyone in the stands in the background of these great action shots ever knew they were on a baseball card...

My question is, who the heck is Alex Johnson? Well, here's some info...Johnson won the 1970 batting title hitting .329 and was eighth in the MVP voting. Over his 13 seasons in the league he played with eleven different teams. While the '70 season was his best overall season, Johnson did have over 160 hits four times.

Alex Johnson's on this card somewhere too:

The 4th Checklist! Again, I continue to be amazed by these untouched checklists and their ability to survive through the years.

Set Stats:

Complete Set: 752 cards
Thus far I have 108/752 = 14.36% complete

My needs list can be found here.
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