Bowing At The Altar of PunkRockPaint

PunkRockPaint has undone himself today with his Hurley Lost card...and so I humbly bow at the feet of the master and submit the following:

The inspiration:


jv said…
Friggin' Sweet!

I've got the Linus and the Hurley saved. I hope you and PunkRock keep going with this. I love it!

Maybe a Black Smoke card or a freeze frame shot of Shannon's face the second she was shot and about to die (I hated her character).

Just, please guys don't go early 90's shirtless muscle Jack and Sawyer. I still can't look at the naked dude cards without getting creeped out...haha.
Anonymous said…
That looks awesome! I love the trend of Lost cards that have been appearing in different places. :)