And the Winner Is...1st Heartbreaking Contest Results Show

For contest details and back story go here...Thank you to everyone that entered.

Here's the box in question:

And taking a look at the cards, you don't get any help...

And now for the big moment...what do we see?

The answer is: 1992 Topps!

So who had 1992 Topps as their guess?

Night Owl of the Night Owl Cards blog guessed 1992 Topps as well as Joe S. of the Bad Baseball blog.

Thankfully we have a tie breaker question which was "guess how many hits I had in my first year of Little League."

Night Owl guessed 2 hits and Joe S. guessed 8 hits.

So the question is, how bad did I suck at Little League?...

As a Blue Jay, sponsored by Wally's Chalet, I had several walks, one hit-by-pitch, and one double in the last game of the the answer is 1 hit.

Night Owl you are the WINNER! I've got your prize pack ready and it will be mailed out on Monday! I'll let you show the world what you won!

Joe S., as you were a close second please send me your address [at] and a team/player of your choosing and I will send you a consolation prize!

Thanks to everyone who entered and we'll have another one of these contests shortly!


Captain Canuck said…
ack. I had '91 Topps and 2 hits.
missed it by that much.

thanks anyways!
night owl said…
Holy CRAP! I never win anything! I feel like bawling like Brooke White up there!

I just KNEW it was '92 Topps. Thank you HCSG! (Now, what to do with my Yankee winnings ...)
zman40 said…
At least you had some cool powder blue jerseys. I wasn't able to wear the powder blue until my third year of little league. And, we weren't the Blue Jays, we were the True Value team. How the hell do you still have your first year of LL stats? You're not Al Bundy, are you (except with Little League instead of high school football)?
PunkRockPaint said…
At least you were the Blue Jays... I was on the Astros. Rainbow jerseys... Unfortunately, as a child i was unable to appreciate the retro cool factor.
madding said…
Wow, 1992 Topps isn't actually... that... bad. I mean, it's still bad, but...

I was a SS for the Central Dispatch Cardinals and then an outfielder for the Arctic Circle Astros.