The Wilt Chamberlain of Latvia

I enjoy watching the NBA but other than my 1990 NBA Hoops set I've never been into basketball cards...except for one player, Golden State Warriors center Andris Biedrins. Andris is the lone basketball player from Latvia to make the NBA. Why does that matter? Latvia has a special place in my fiance studies Latvia in her graduate work and she speaks fluent Latvian...We got engaged while we were on vacation there...some people go to the Caribbean during spring break, I went to Latvia...

In Latvia, Biedrins is incredibly popular...I can't find the source of this information unfortunately but I read somewhere that season ticket sales spiked after Biedrins was drafted by the Warriors as the northern California Latvians got on board the Biedrins train. Earlier this summer there was conjecture that Andris might return to Europe and play for a Russian team but instead signed a 6-year contract with Golden State.