Whoa, Hold On, Let's Look At That Again

I almost missed this while writing the last post...

After a double take:

Is that really a cop/security guard scratching his rear end in the back of this card?

When I think about cards I tend to only think about it from the...sigh...Joe Collector point of view...but if I was a player I'd have every card ever made of me...and about a million double copies...I'd spread them on the bed and just roll in them for hours...but I digress...

So for poor Ryan Shealy who makes his yearly quest back and forth from AAA to the Royals like a trial of Hercules gets to have some guy's ass trying to steal the spotlight of one of his few cards. Come on!


zman40 said…
He probably has sunflower seeds in his pocket. I'm sure he could wait through eight warm-up pitches to scatch his ass.
Cool blog. It's always nice to find other Royals fans out there.