October 20, 2008

What Could $20 Get Me?

This weekend I went to my first card show since moving to Kansas earlier this summer...There were over 50 tables and I knew if I went unattended it could get ugly. So I had my baseball card addiction sponsor [ my fiance Laura] with me and a budget of $20. So now it was like a game, what could I get for $20? I ended up making it to only about six tables before my money was gone and here's a photo of what I was able to get [candy corn not included]:

Those three envelopes are grab bag contests for $2.00 each...The manila envelope could hold a signed Alex Gordon card while the two paper-sack looking envelopes could hold a Mickey Mantle card...I'm going to be opening the three as a video break shortly and I will highlight more closely what I purchased.
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