Tristar Prospects Plus 2007 Needs List

UPDATE: Thanks to dayf this set is now COMPLETE!

I have little to no knowledge about prospects beyond the top prospects with the Royals and maybe the two or three top picks from each year's draft...a year ago I tried to remedy this with "investing" in some Tristar Prospects Plus 2007. I bought them through [former home of you know who] before they gave up on baseball collectibles so I probably paid way too much for the boxes and wouldn't you know it, I came up one card short of the set.

I'm looking for card #98 which is Cale Iorg who is a prospect with the Detroit Tigers.

Besides the fun of ripping open some wax, this deal came with an uncut sheet of cards that includes the entire 100 card set...The sheet looks pretty neat and if Mike Moustakas gets out of Single-A ball someday and becomes the next George Brett it might actually be worth something...


dayf said…
Pretty sure I have that card. I'll have to find it though. It's yours if I can find it, I built a set of that stuff too. e-mail is in profile.
dayf said…
Hi, I found that Cale Iorg card you need. I also have a few others from your want lists. Shoot me an e-mail at dayf13 at gmail dot com and we'll work something out.