Stale Gum, Upper Deck X, The Berlin Airlift, and Me

As Stale Gum and Wax Heaven chart unknown territory with their promo cards being airlifted in like it's Berlin 1949 I thought I would point out that we are quickly approaching an event horizon in the card collecting world: Stale Gum's upcoming review of his promo box of Upper Deck X.

As the only known collector of this stuff, I am eager to see Stale Gum's pledge of objectivity played out in video form. Chris already reviewed two packs of Upper Deck X on A Pack a Day's new video blog and include such memorable quips as:

"...2 packs of a product that I, in a million years, wouldn't bust."

"a product that has universally been panned by everyone who's opened it."

"Upper Deck got rid of Fleer Ultra for this.?"

"And this is another thing. I really hate this. It's when they, instead of sequentially numbering the insert cards, they use the player's initials. Why? Do you actually want us to collect these cards or what?"

"These are $4.00 a pack. There is no way in hell I would pay $4.00 a pack for this product because it just sucks."

[And for the sake of full disclosure, Chris and I worked out a trade for those 2 packs for some Allen & Ginter '07 minis and an Upper Deck Masterpieces '07 short print.]

Based on Chris' review of the promo Upper Deck Masterpieces box, a set he clearly likes, yet rated 2 1/2 gumsticks [not sure if a perfect score is 4 or 5 gumsticks?] for the set and 2 gumsticks for the box, I can only imagine what the X review will be/should be. Can we have negative gumsticks?


dayf said…
Gumsticks my butt, that review is going to be in black licorice.