The Return of the Diamond King

With the news that 2008 Donruss Threads Baseball has sold out I hope that it will mean a steady stream of baseball products from Donruss and, more specifically, a steady stream of Diamond Kings. Looking back on my collecting habits, the Diamond Kings are the only insert set [with the exception of the Allen & Ginter inserts] that I have really been obsessive about through the years.

The promo shots of the cards include two shots [one of Hank Aaron and one of prospect Lars Anderson] of the new Diamond King design [a tan sort of color]. The Anderson is obviously a painting but the photos posted are so small that I can't tell for sure if the Aaron card is a painting or photo.

In total, there will be 58 Diamond Kings in the set and from there the following parallels:

Silver [to 250 copies]
Gold [to 100 copies]
Platinum [to 25 copies]

Framed Red [to 100 copies]
Framed Blue [to 50 copies]
Framed Green [to 25 copies]
Framed Black [to 10 copies]

Materials [500 copies or less]
Materials Prime [25 copies or less]

Signatures [500 copies or less]
Signature Materials [25 copies or less]
Signature Prime Materials [10 copies or less]

So we are taking 13 parallels for an insert set...I am excited to see what the parallels look like and I imagine in the end I will pick one and work at getting one of each King.


With all the things card companies are doing wrong these days, it's nice to see Donruss doing something right.
also if they made a Diamond King of Brian Bannister with a horse shoe mustache, you'd probably be in heaven.
Matt Flaten said…
Yeah, you're probably right. Make it a nice shiny X-Fractor and it would be that much better. ;-)
Matt Flaten said…
I added your blog to my list too! Thanks for reading.
Thanks for the add. I think you got 1 of the best banners I've seen. I also have an appreciation for strange facial hair i.e. 80's James Hettfield, That Monet card I pulled out of A&G, and of course Rollie Fingers.