October 2, 2008

The Return of the Diamond King

With the news that 2008 Donruss Threads Baseball has sold out I hope that it will mean a steady stream of baseball products from Donruss and, more specifically, a steady stream of Diamond Kings. Looking back on my collecting habits, the Diamond Kings are the only insert set [with the exception of the Allen & Ginter inserts] that I have really been obsessive about through the years.

The promo shots of the cards include two shots [one of Hank Aaron and one of prospect Lars Anderson] of the new Diamond King design [a tan sort of color]. The Anderson is obviously a painting but the photos posted are so small that I can't tell for sure if the Aaron card is a painting or photo.

In total, there will be 58 Diamond Kings in the set and from there the following parallels:

Silver [to 250 copies]
Gold [to 100 copies]
Platinum [to 25 copies]

Framed Red [to 100 copies]
Framed Blue [to 50 copies]
Framed Green [to 25 copies]
Framed Black [to 10 copies]

Materials [500 copies or less]
Materials Prime [25 copies or less]

Signatures [500 copies or less]
Signature Materials [25 copies or less]
Signature Prime Materials [10 copies or less]

So we are taking 13 parallels for an insert set...I am excited to see what the parallels look like and I imagine in the end I will pick one and work at getting one of each King.
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