Mail Call: It's Great Receiving Free Cards

A little while ago when A Pack A Day TV was starting up there was an offer to get free cards set up by poster Gamblers Fan...a.k.a. Anthony N....just send a SASE to him and you would get free cards...well I did and here's what I got...

I really like the Kellogg's design and this sort of 3-D design is much better than the Sportflics design...
I'm a casual Guidry fan but I didn't have this one:

Plus there were some great stickers including The Hawk as an Expo. Thanks Anthony!


Anonymous said…
I always loved those Kelloggs cards when I was a kid. They just looked so much more exciting than the typical Topps cards of the day.

I missed out on them because I was too young, but sometimes you'd find somebody that had a few they'd inherited from an older brother and I'd always try to trade for them.

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