October 23, 2008

Mail Call: Dinged Corners Air Lift

The latest air lift of cards was received this week from Dinged Corners and as you would expect it was great...filled with some players with "borderline horseshoe mustaches," a ton of Royals, and some great unique cards that only a mother could love...

First off, the Royals:

This Vince Coleman card has a pretty odd card design...a horizontal photo with vertial lettering...
They also sent along a card that could win Thorzul's Scary Card Contest...we have Joe Vitiello and his chest hair that you will have nightmares about for the next week:

We have Terry Leach doing his best Dan Quisenberry impersonation:

The oldest card in the group is this great 1981 Topps Willie Aikens...Willie's great mustache was good enough but the information on the back is even better....it's really Willie Mays Aikens and according to Topps, Willie's parents didn't name him, the doctor delivering him did...
And last but not least...you know Dinged Corners, I thought your blog was family friendly...political careers have been ended for photos less risqué than what's on this card...8-)

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