Local Card Shops

Although Lawrence is a big college town and a city that has every major store, it is missing a good baseball card shop. So when I need supplies my options are Topeka [16 miles west] or Kansas City [30 miles east]. I'd been to Topeka's two stores a few weeks ago and so yesterday I headed to the "Paris of the Plains" to visit one of two Vintage Stock stores in the area. For those of you not familiar with Vintage Stock chain of stores, it is essentially heaven for nerds. In fact, that should be their slogan "Come On Down to Vintage Stock, Heaven for Nerds." The store combines cards, comics, video games, toys, movies, music...etc....

But I only came for the cards and luckily they were having a buy one get one free sale on individual cards. I didn't have too much money to play with but I picked up two older cards for a reasonable price...a 1965 Topps Jim Bunning [I love that blue back design] and a 1978 Topps Thurmon Munson.


night owl said…
That '65 Bunning is a nice card. I love the '65 set, and one day may try to collect it (but there are so many more things on my card "to-do" list right now).

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