I Am Jane Collector

Okay, technically I'm not. But I am a baseball card feminist.

For all that useless talk about who Joe Collector is and what he collects, we seem to forget about half of the human species and Jane Collector. Although they seem to be out numbered 10 to 1, the female collector holds her own in the hobby and especially the collecting blogosphere.

The ladies over at Dinged Corners run the #1 best card blog out there in my opinion...[sorry Mario, you are a close second.] I like new product reviews, videos, etc...but I'd trade all those for more posts about big mitts, Kent Hrbek, and hats flying off.

When I wrote my little diddy about this blog over at the Sports Card Blog Directory, I said I wanted to be Dinged Corners meets Wax Heaven. But above all I wanted to show the things I love about card collecting. Reading Dinged Corners you know that is what they do 24/7.

Another female blogger new on the scene is Kimaloo's Cards. A supporter of the Evil Empire...I mean the Yankees, she is just what we need, another generous blogger. Welcome and happy writing Kim!


Dinged Corners said…
Thank you for this, you're a brave fellow. Yep, we're out here. Also thanks for bringing kimaloo to our attention--we'll add her to the blogroll at DC. Did you know The Hamiltonian is also run by woman?
Anonymous said…
Wow! Thanks for the support! There are a lot more women than I thought in the blogosphere. I'm glad I'm not alone. :P