Heartbreaking Breaks 8: Even More Upper Deck Masterpieces

Here are two more packs of Upper Deck Masterpieces...and I'm starting to feel like a pack searcher as this is my 2nd hit in the five packs I've purchased...

Here are the cards:

I think that this is my favorite card that I've pulled from this set and a nice addition to my Harmon collection...but can someone please tell me what a "Bonus Baby" is?:

Like I said in the video, this is a pretty weird card...Bedard's been a Mariner all season but we've got Orioles on the front and he isn't usually in a batting helmet as a pitcher.


Chris Harris said…
Right after The War, baseball imposed a rule stating that any team who signed an amateur player to a pro contract and paid him a signing bonus of more than $4000 was required to keep that player on the Major League 40-man roster for two full years.

Players who signed such contracts, like Killebrew, were billed as "Bonus Babies."

The Bonus Baby rule was replaced with the draft in the 1965.

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