Heartbreaking Breaks 3: Upper Deck Masterpieces

Here is the video of the Upper Deck Masterpieces pack breaking that gave me my Whitey Ford error card. You'll also see that Pack #2 had a little surprise for me too!

The beginning of the video has a little video editorial [a.k.a. me complaining] about the changes that Upper Deck has implemented regarding its No Purchase Necessary rules. Upper Deck no longer accepts "through the mail" entries and now will only accept them by e-mail. There is also a letter to the editor in the current Beckett Monthly about this same issue...Beckett supports Upper Deck's change and says that it will save money in the long run...........well, yes, it will save money but that misses the point entirely. Upper Deck is required by various state laws to offer a No Purchase Necessary option because the act of buying cards is essentially entering a contest and I have a sneaking suspicion that eliminating the "through the mail" option may put too much of a burden on the consumer...buying a stamp and using an envelope isn't considered a burden but being forced to have an internet connection [and a computer for that matter] to enter the contest might be a burden in some of the more consumer rights focused states like my home state of Wisconsin...but then again I might be overusing my undergraduate business law classes....

Here are the card scans...errors aside these are very beautiful: