October 8, 2008

Has It Really Come To This?

Now I don't like to drag someone down just for the sake of doing it but I will let my post on Mark Spitz from my other blog stand for my feelings about Michael Phelps. And so it was with a certain level of sadness I see that the dedicated Phelps Collectors have pushed a g.d. Sports Illustrated for Kids card into the $40 book value range...[Gosh, I hope the fair use doctrine covers pricing guides as well as music, movies, etc...]

I guess first off, how do you get a mint Sports Illustrated for Kids card when at least two of the sides have perforated edges? You can see the problem clearly on this photo?

Second, would someone really pay this much for this card? There is currently one eBay auction with this card up for sale with no bids with a $20 starting bid price. I'll check back when the bidding is over but my guess is that Real Value will beat Book Value in this round of the eternal struggle.
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