Get Your Facts Straight, Upper Deck Part 2!

See Thorzul's Part 1 here.

I was in the middle of doing a video break of two packs of Upper Deck Masterpieces when I stumbled upon a card error that is possibly even bigger [if not stupider] than the Robin Yount as Rookie of the Year mistake.

Here's the front of the Whitey Ford #60 card:

And the back [my blue marks added]:

Now any person with even a passing knowledge of baseball facts knows that Johnny Vander Meer is the only pitcher to pitch two no-hitters in a row. And looking at the front of the card, you would have to notice that there is the number "1" written on the balls...gee, why would that be??? Because Whitey Ford pitched back to back one-hitters in 1955.

What's going on over at Upper Deck? It's like a "Choose Your Own Baseball History" card.


Dinged Corners said…
Maybe this is like A&G "Crack the Code," except guess what? No prizes.