October 22, 2008

The Continuing Saga: Topps '71

At the card show I was able to add 13 '71 Topps to my collection including my first high number number short printed cards.  I really love the Cookie Rojas, Lindy McDaniel, and George Spriggs cards for their great action shots.

'71 Cookie Rojas'71 Lindy McDaniel'71 George Spriggs'71 Ed Kirkpatrick'71 Juan Pizarro 001'71 Tom Matchick

'71 Jackie Hernandez'71 Aurelio Monteagudo'71 Cesar Tovar '71 Billy Wynne'71 Chuck Tanner'71 Bob Lemon

'71 Buck Martinez


Complete Set: 752 cards

36/752 = 4.78%

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