UPDATE: Contest Update + Another Quickie Contest

UPDATE: Geez, I thought I could get through an episode of Dexter before we had a winner but dayf proved me wrong...The answer is: Brett became the first person to win batting titled in three decades [1976, 1980, and 1990].

So dayf wins his future post in Auto-matic for the People. Incidently, this is how I imagine dayf's house except exchange records for cards.

Be sure to enter my 1st Heartbreaking Contest...details and how to enter are here. The deadline to enter is Saturday night.

Here's what you could win [minus the wonderful mustachioed cards covering the real treasures]:

--a copy of the new Nightmare Revisited soundtrack...
--a junk autograph hit from 2007 Topps Chrome
--a 1/1 printing plate of a New York Yankee [don't get your hopes up]
--a jersey relic from Allen & Ginter 2007
--a jersey relic of a member of the Tampa Rays World Series team
--an autograph card no one asked for but you'll get anyway
--a Sweet Spot Signature of someone numbered to 99
--7 Topps A-rod inserts

But to keep you, Dear Reader, on your toes let's do a quickie contest right now. Here's what you will win, a Rich Thompson Rookie Autograph from Topps Finest 2008.

So how do you win? Be the first to add a comment to this post telling me what record George Brett broke to justify this card?

The contest is open until someone gets the right answer...so start digging in your commons boxes people!


dayf said…
Nachos Grande said…
Royals Season Doubles record (second place)?
Nachos Grande said…
(That's what I get for guessing...) Haha. My '91 Topps cards weren't handy...
Wax Heaven said…
I have that same little table. I did the contest drawing on it.

As far as participating in contests, I never have. I am just too damn lazy but good luck to all!
dayf said…
I think EVERYONE has that same little table. I did my '98 Zenith post on mine.

Ha! my verification word is prize!
Matt Flaten said…
And the winner is dayf!
dayf said…
You seriously think I'm that organized? Knock over a few of those shelves and you're getting warmer.