In Stale Gum's review of promo Ballpark Collection box he searches for meaning in the players Upper Decks selects for its swatch cards as some have seemingly no connection at all...

So this thought was floating around in the back of my mind as I was going through part of my new eBay lot purchase...


Well, all three players are from Latin America...Cesar from Venezuela, Luis from Mexico, and Bert from Cuba.

All three were great players but will probably never get into the Hall of Fame.

Two of the players [Cesar and Bert] took part in that odd phenomenon of playing all nine positions in a single game...Bert being the first to do it and Cesar 2nd. When Bert pitched his inning he did so ambidextrously, so he pitched left-handed to left-handed batters and vice versa for right-handed batters. Now that is something we need to see some more of!

Even better than Cesar and Bert's accomplishments is that Topps got to dust off the eight-armed mutant player cartoon for the back of the cards: