Checking Out

I'm a devoted user of eBay but I'm a little tired of paying upwards of $4.00 shipping for each auction so I am hoping that will become a great alternative resource for cheap cards. For those not familiar with the service, CheckOutMyCards has "Joe Collector" send in their "To Sell" cards to them and then the cards are listed on their site at a "Book Value" minus some kind of discount that Joe decides upon. So a buyer can purchase several cards from many different sellers but pay one low shipping cost [starting at $2.00 + .20 per card].

For my first transaction with the service I purchased 18 cards for $8.14 + $5.60 shipping. The "book value" of the cards is supposedly $24.50 so I am getting a 67% discount...well, okay I guess but what I'm really saving is about $50 in shipping.

The cards I purchased were mainly commons to Joe Collector but they were some Brian Bannisters I was missing, some late era Gaylord Perry's, with some odd cards thrown in that I will write about later. Prices in my group of cards varied from .05 to $1.00 for a 1968 Topps Gaylord Perry! Not too shabby.

Possibly the best part of the service is that each card has front and back scans that really show the condition of the card. So I am hoping that there are no surprises in my selection of cards. Here is an example from the site of the 1969 can clearly see the quality of the corners and the color quality on the back.

While the site is bursting with commons and semi-stars, it is missing quite a few high end prospects entirely. For example CheckOutMyCards has no cards listed for Lars Anderson while eBay currently has 36 auctions going. In the case of David Price, CheckOutMyCards has 2 cards listed while it's "The Price Is Right" over at eBay with 268 auctions counting down right now.

I ordered my cards Saturday evening so I am hoping for delivery late next week [the cards are shipped from Washington State] and I will post the results and rate the whole transaction when it is completed.