Andy Pafko & The Whitest Wale

I just added a link to my web album of my sparse collection of Andy Pafko cards...just four cards currently with hopes of the collection jumping to five when an eBay auction comes in. I mentioned previously a card I really wanted and thinking about it, giving that card the moniker of "white whale" might not represent my wants and needs as a collector. The true White Whale of my collecting career would be this card:

A 1952 Topps Andy Pafko #1. The first card of the most important set in baseball card history. Forget the Mantle or Mays card, I want the Pafko. Why? Because Andy Pafko is from a small town of Boyceville, Wisconsin, a mere 30 odd miles from my home of Eau Claire, WI.

Pafko has been and continues to be a legend around those parts to anyone interested in baseball. He still is a regular at signings and events although I've never been able to meet the man in person. The closest I've ever come to getting one of these cards was bidding on a graded copy that had a score of 1. Even at that point the card was over $75.00 and I gave up. There's a BuyItNow auction asking $375 for a card with a grading of 3 and a bunch of other auctions that go up to $2,000. Maybe not today, but someday.


Jimmyboy said…
I'm from Boyceville and for my graduation one of my baseball coach's gave me a signed Andy Pafko card. It's very special to me.
Matt Flaten said…
Wisconsinites Unite!

Great story...which card was it?