October 26, 2008

The 1st Heartbreaking Contest: Help Me Identify My Dumpster Cards

I've been trying to come up with some kind of original contest to do and on Friday everything came into place like a lightening bolt from the sky. In the morning I got the garbage together and walked over to the two garbage bins that service the entire town home complex that I live at. I tossed the bags in the trash and was turning around when something caught my eye...This is what I saw:

THE HORROR! Someone had decided to get rid of their baseball card collection the worst way possible [besides trying to charge $2,500 for them on eBay]...It was just starting to rain as well so I ran into the house, got myself a shovel, and was able to save three boxes of cards that had been covered by another box and missed the rain entirely:

So had I stumbled upon a box of 1952 Mickey Mantles that some careless mother had just thrown out? Was there a T206 Honus just waiting for the auction block? Sadly no...two of the boxes had mixed singles in them and one had a complete set.

Here's where the contest comes in: To win a cornucopia of prizes, all you need to do is leave a comment to this post and tell me which card series and year [printed between 1990-1999] was in that box. To avoid a tie, also include the number of hits you think I had in my 1st year of Little League.

So for example, leave a comment with "Donruss 1990, 7 hits." The contest will end at 11:59pm on All Saint's Day.

The person who guesses correctly will receive all of the following:

--a copy of the new Nightmare Revisited soundtrack...
--a junk autograph hit from 2007 Topps Chrome
--a 1/1 printing plate of a New York Yankee [don't get your hopes up]
--a jersey relic from Allen & Ginter 2007
--a jersey relic of a member of the Tampa Rays World Series team
--an autograph card no one asked for but you'll get anyway
--a Sweet Spot Signature of someone numbered to 99
--7 Topps A-rod inserts

Good luck!
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