17 Minutes of Torture

So I just got done watching the 17 minutes of torture that is Stale Gum's video review of the promo Upper Deck X box and I have to wonder, what was Upper Deck thinking in having Stale Gum as a sponsor? Where is the fun in watching Bambi being led to slaughter?

Did Upper Deck really think they could change Chris's mind about products by giving them to him for free? As I previously stated, I was really looking forward to this review because this was the moment where "the sponsored" give the sponsor a bad, and I mean really bad review, of a promo product. This review could be a game changer. But now after seeing it, I have to wonder, not so much about the review, but about Upper Deck's strategy with these video reviews by Stale Gum. What is the logic of giving promo products to a blogger who is clearly disappointed with your product and isn't afraid to say so?

Chris must be commended for giving the review that he did. Now we'll see what the next box from Upper Deck has in it, if and when it arrives...